EMPG 2023:

Milan, Italy


Free of charge online conference

The EMPG-XVII Zoom Meeting is free of charge.


Participants who have already paid the conference fee will be refunded.

How to register

Please register for participation in the EMPG-XVII ZOOM meeting by e-mail at empg2020 (at)

The registration e-mail for the ZOOM meeting should contain

  • surname, name
  • e-mail address
  • affiliation
  • title of the abstract, if applicable
  • type of presentation (invited talk, 12 min talk, 5 min talk (3 slides)), if applicable.

Those who had already registered their participation and / or submitted a contribution for the originally planned on-site conference and now want to participate in the ZOOM meeting, please confirm your participation in the ZOOM meeting by e-mail to empg2020 (at) Only then, you are registered for the ZOOM meeting.

Abstract Submission

New abstracts had to be submitted online from 1 - 30 November 2020 here.

Registration deadline

Registration is open until February 22, 2021. The number of participants in total will be limited to 300 (first come, first served).