EMPG 2023:

Milan, Italy

General Information

Dear EMPG-XVII participants,

The conference will be held as a ZOOM meeting from 1st to 3rd of March 2021 from 9:00 – 18:00 CET. We are using the ZOOM-licence of Universität Potsdam, which is consistent with data protection rules in Germany.

On Thursday, 25th of February, we will send all registered participants an e-mail containing the link and passcode to the ZOOM EMPG online meeting.

If you have not installed ZOOM already, you will be asked to install ZOOM on your computer after clicking the link for the first time. This can and should be done before the start of the meeting on Monday 1st of March 2021.

We will have 20 minutes keynote talks with 5 min discussion included, 12 minutes talks with 3 minutes discussion and 5 minutes talks with 1.5 minutes discussion included. The session chairs will be very strict with this timing.

Please, only turn on your camera and microphone if you are a speaker or ask questions. Please use the public chat to announce that you have a question at the end of a contribution. The session chair will coordinate the discussion. You may use the private chat to contact other people.

Speakers should share their screen to show their slides during the talk. Please stop sharing after your talk. We calculated 1 minute to announce and switch to the next presentation.

If you prefer to have the slides shown by us on the computer hosting the meeting, you can upload a PowerPoint- or pdf-file. Files should be uploaded latest 1 day before schedule, before 04:00 pm CET.

Uploading presentations (PowerPoint or pdf):

Password:  empg2020

For a quick assignment the filename shall contain these details:

Your last name, date (day/month) and time (hour/minute) of your presentation in the following form: (e.g.: Wilke_0103_1045.pdf)

You can only upload. There will be a short note, that the file has been uploaded. However, you cannot see or edit this uploaded file afterwards. If you have to change something on your file, just upload again. We will be able to distinguish the latest version.

Within ZOOM in the menu bar you will find “...more” with a link to breakout rooms to chat with your colleagues outside the presentations.

Contact person for technical informations and problems regarding the presentation and the ZOOM meeting is: Tanja Klaka-Tauscher.