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Abstract Submission:

15 January –

1 March 2020

Abstract Submission: 15th of January – 1st March 2020.

Our Themes

  1. Deep mantle and core and planets
  2. Melt physics and chemistry
  3. Fluids
  4. Rheology and deformation
  5. Igneous petrology
  6. Applied and environmental mineralogy

Abstract Submission: Deadline 1st March 2020

Abstract submission: A link to our online abstract submission system will be provided here.

Please use our template and submit your abstract as docx (length: NOT longer than 1 A4 page).

Copyrights: By submitting an abstract to our system, you thereby agree that it will be included into our digital book of abstracts to be published online. Therefore, please make sure that you have the copyright especially for all figures / photos (if any; please specify sources in case they are not your own figures / photos; please note that citing is not enough, you need the written permission of the author for using his/her picture as illustration).


7.    Element and isotope partitioning

8.    Metamorphic petrology

9.    Diffusion and kinetics

10.  Mineral physics

11.  Methodological developments